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QB/XS79 .22 Co2 Conversion To PCP/HPA

To provide a challenge as well as an education into the workings of a pcp air rifle, I took the plunge and purchased an XS79 for the princely sum of....£99.

After some polishing, fiddling and faffing. I did it.

Close up of the On/Off valve and HPA bottle on the QB/ XS79

Now this path is very well trodden and recounted by men far more adept than I. To that end I have compiled my research and hereby offer it up to you for all those wish to try this very worthwhile project for themselves.

Pics, Links, How to's and More for the QB/XS79 HPA/PCP Conversion


  1. Smart that but would you swap it for a break barrel browning elite

    1. A Shotgun? No, simply due to the noise factor and I prefer the up close stalking challenge of air rifles. That's not to say the XS79 is the best for the job. Just a fun challenge.


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