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Servus - Sunday 14/08/11

Another day of talks. I sat in on another given by the two Michaels of and and a talk by Darren of the
Darren, like me, is interested in the words we use, not only in law but everyday life. Importantly, the two often cross with interesting consequences. Darren used the example of the city worker.
He dresses in a fashion that has him donning cuffs, a collar and a tie. All words associated with individuals who are enslaved or in bondage. Servants.

The common consensus seems to be that, along with the other lectures and workshops that were put on, the weekend has been a very positive and well executed event. I wholeheartedly agree.

M Jones

Plan B - Saturday 13/08/11

In accordance with the observed pattern, the weather greets visitors with warmth, then showers them with rain. The changeability requires frequent dressing and undressing between anorak and t-shirt. Despite this, I have taken many walks which I believe have aided my re-adjustment.
As I write, there is a fair sized group of people outside our home. They are on a tour which is a part of a 'Plan B' weekend. The idea behind the event is to gather those and educate them who would create a money and planning permission less settlement. For me it is to spread the message that the Lammas model is not the only way to go about such an undertaking.

I sat in on a fantastic talk conducted by the 'Michaels' behind "The Mortgage Chronicles" on youtube and Boy I do not envy them. Attempting to explain the truthes hidden behind the veil of society is quite possibly the sort of challenge faced by the early christian missionaries who visited the cannibalistic tribes of the Congo. Go too far at your peril.
I needn't have been concerned. These guys know their stuff, and their pure hearts were plain for all to see.
They intend to embark on a journey creating a network of communities under a society whose constitution is "My rights end where yours begin. Do as your say you will in your contracts".
Essentially the society that was prevalent some 500 years ago. I say prevalent and not 'existed' as it never ceased to exist to my mind. It is simply hidden and not recognised.

I couldn't hang around as long as I would have liked as Emma has been most unwell.
Frances, however, spent until 20:00 playing and engaging in some rather artistic woodwork.

M Jones

Clock Time - Thursday 11/08/11

We arrived back at Lammas as London rioted. Even as other major cities followed suit, I couldn't have cared less.
We are re-adjusting at our own leisurely pace. Mother and baby appear to have taken the transition in their stride.
The land here is bursting with natural abundance. The hedgerows are voluminous and already harbour young fruits. The fields are shorn of their latest fleece of grasses.
I watched two tractors cut and gather grass on a section of field I scythed earlier this year. I took a relaxed week. They, barely ten effortless minutes.

Once again, I find myself milling timber and helping Ayres on a build I dug the foundations for one year ago. The two I tamped in the process, shed its bruised nail only a week or two ago. The anniversaries seem everywhere yet serve little purpose.
Psychological clock time. It is redundant and meaningless here.

Ayres' Build

M Jones

My Ambitious Baby - Sunday 07/08/11

Tomorrow, we return to to Lammas. Today, some packing was required. It is always an eye opener to how much you possess and acquire. Our baby is the length of my shin and the width of two. Small clothes=small bag? It would appear that women of our culture believe babies, the smallest incarnation of human beings, require more clothes than two and a half adults. Pack/travel light seems not to compute. Perhaps this would change if they were tasked with carrying it...
I've come across garments that suggest this being, after only one month of existence intends to journey to the far north. She can't raise her head off a pillow, yet appears confident of pounding polar bears into submission. If it is about 'being prepared' I simply cannot fathom how this is truly accomplished by stockpiling a small towns supply of wool and cotton in the part of the wardrobe not bulging with now obsolete maternity/clown costumes. I wonder how much money is saved, if indeed any, by those living in warmer climes. I dread to think of the expense, following western women's logic, of raising a child in Siberia or Alaska.
I must need educating.

Scott The Explorer Ready To Go

M Jones

Smallpox Small Point - Monday 01/08/11

Emma has been reading various portions of a book entitled "The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination i$ not Immunization". With the sort of information I have been learning, the evidence in the book of the inconvenient truthes is not surprising. Reports that most of the common diseases that people receive vaccines for are virtually already eradicated. In cases such as smallpox, the disease exists now only because laboratories cultivate it.
The most disconcerting side of this topic, as with many others, is what goes into these products that are then pumped directly into the bloodstream. Many are already aware of what is added to food. Would you accept aborted human fetus tissue or monkeys kidney cells in your food despite known, often fatal, side effects? No? Because many consent, even encourage, those and chemicals such as mercury, aluminium and sulphates to be injected into 8 week old babies.

On a brighter note, one week from today we shall be journeying back to a field where no one is pushing poisonous injections.
A different world. My world.

M Jones

Really 'Living The Dream' - Thursday 28/07/11

The marriage between myself and my newly acquired TX200 has bourne fruit. Levi and I decided to forego sleep so that we could go a-hunting at sunrise 05:25. About half to three quarters of an hour in,  I shot a young rabbit. We had opportunities at squirrels and another rabbit but for me the purpose of our outing had already been fulfilled. One rabbit was all we needed.
I find it ironic that to date my hunting experience has bucked the ".177 for feather, .22 for fur" adage.
Despite the fatigue, this morning was a welcome return to the life and activities that make me feel alive. Regardless of 'trophies' the experience of acute awareness and presence makes the whole venture extremely pleasant and satisfying for me.
That one small rabbit put meat on the plates of my family (solid food eating members).

The salted hide.

The head and paws went to the Badgers and Cats. I regret giving away the head away as the brain is a natural tanning agent.

Meat left to soak overnight in fresh water. Not sure it was necessary as the rabbit was under a year old.

On the subject of returning, it was Emma that brought my attention to the fact that yesterday marked 365 days since our arrival at Lammas. What we call a year. Very convenient considering that I am nearing the end of this, my third, notebook.
This is also a good point, in light of the above, to pause and reflect upon the journey.
My recent activities are a dream manifested. Providing food for my family. A role many like me wish to fulfill physically. A fulfillment that just doesn't seem to come from turning labour into debt, debt into food. Therefore, I can truly say with conviction and feeling, that I am 'living the dream'. In absolute contrast to the time I wrote those words 365 days ago. I have learned that a dream is realised now, and can only be done so in the moment called now. Dreams are never realised in the future regardless of what self imposed conditions are satisfied. What other moment is there but now?
That is not to advise haste, it is but truth. How you translate that into meaning is for you to decide.

What would you be doing/Where would you be if you fulfilled your 'dream'?
I believe a 'dream' is better described as a persons preferred reality. The word 'dream' commonly denotes something elusive, intangible, even 'unrealistic'. There is also a warning, or rather a consideration. That is cost.
If you are thorough, your payment will be all that you do not need,use or care for. If you do not approach the attainment and creation of your preferred reality in any way but a holistic one, you risk losing something of great value (I don't mean just monetary) and importance.
Listen to your heart and intuition that,for me, has been a practice that has guided and I believe, ensured that I have gained things of immense and immeasurable value.
I was prepared to make large sacrifices. At the earliest stage the largest potential one was my partner and family. Luckily, through open communication with my daughter and her mother, it was not a sacrifice I was called upon to make. By keeping that communication open, we moulded and adapted the shared vision to encompass the needs of us all. I believe I am at the point where I am not chasing the desire/dream, but it is evolving around and with me.
I am still susceptible to all the same emotions as I was before, the difference certainly with the negative ones, is that if they do occur they are not as severe and are very short lived. If emotions are the body's reflection of the mind, then it must be that what thoughts I have, are more positive. By not painting over the cracks with drugs , by addressing the root of what ailed me, the condition known as depression is no longer a part of my world.
More requests for my books are materialising. This brings me happiness and great honour. I thank all those who afford me the pleasure and opportunity to give. I hope by gifting my books to all those who ask, requesting they pass it on, I am paying it forward and perpetuating that positiveness and feeling.
To all those who have cared to read my work, you have my sincere gratitude.
Much love, to you, those who have yet to, and those who may never read this. We are as one.


M Jones.

My Mistresses - Tuesday 26/07/11

Today, an Air Arms TX200 .177 air rifle I bought through for £150, arrived. Complete with 3-9x50 AGS scope, gun slip, a tin of Crossman Powapells and a tin of Air Arms Field Diablo pellets.
A 5 year old weapon, serviced two years ago, it looks like an 'old faithful'. Cited as one of the best rifles of its kind in existence it definitely displays all the hallmarks. Yes, it has expected signs of wear and tear, but it also appears solid, well built and well looked after.
A review I posted online a couple of days later;

"'Old Faithful'"

For what felt like forever, I ached, yearned, sighed for a decent air rifle. I'd done the cheapo spring circuit ending on a Hatsan mod55s .177. It was too loud, too cumbersome and

After many late nights reading forums and reviews and re-checking my bank balance I could've cried myself to sleep. Not enough money, too much choice.
Then I found an advert on for this Air Arms Tx200 .177 inc Scope and Gun slip and two tins of air arms field pellets for £150. I was ecstatic. I arranged for a courier to collect and paced until it came.
Soon the wait was over.
We were united.
My mistress and I have had wild romps in the countryside ever since. She truly is my 'old faithful'. Granted, she's a bigger girl than I'm used to, there is a good amount of weight up front, but thats fixed with an £8.99 mount less shotgun sling and nevertheless, as I learn her ways, we've stilled hearts and banged heads. She's straight forward to operate and in that simplicity lies her beauty. She's of the perfect weight for me, not unbearably heavy, but solid and accurate. I find myself buying her all sorts of presents and trinkets, always looking for a better this, a more expensive that. A lamp, a sling, a chronograph, an EXTRA padded gun slip, the best pellets... She'll bankrupt me I'm sure, but I'll only love her more.
After each hunting session, I lay her down and caress her with gun oil and tuck her away assured, that when she resurfaces she'll remain in her prime condition. I find myself thinking of her when we're apart and can't wait to hurry home and have my way with her.
If my wife knew of my feelings for her, I'm sure I'd feel what it is like to be on the business end. Is it wrong that that also excites me?!

Be warned!

Buy one at the risk of being besotted. After checking with Air Arms and being told the serial number showed she was born Jan 1995, that meant she is 16 years old!
These girls may be getting on a bit, but she's just how I like em and outperforms all others I've experienced. (I'll whisper that they do have younger models, the mkIII).
Overall the British heritage, breeding and workmanship shines through. If God graces you with one be prepared to part with more than just the asking price!

A legendary rifle."

Why, when I only recently purchased a Webley Raider 10 XS, would I buy this?
Firstly, calibre, I recognise the benefits of the flatter trajectory of .177 over .22, secondly, power plant. The Webley is a Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) requiring either a pump or scuba tank. Not an issue for shot count, but as with anything complex, it could be viewed as more likely to fail compared to the spring powered TX200.
Thirdly, prey. ".177 for feather, .22 for fur". I have first hand evidence and experience to support this saying. The pigeon that fell to the Webley was dispatched with a heart and lung shot, the larger pellet causing significant trauma to the delicate tissue. One answer is only to aim for head shots, but that is not always possible.
A rabbits head however, presents a larger target. The trade off being the bone density. Whilst .177 can also dispatch mammals humanely, it makes sense to choose the harder hitting .22 pellet to ensure a swift and clean kill. Part of me considered getting the TX200 serviced whilst I'm near a gunsmith who quoted £60. I may still do so. But to identify if there is a need, I have opted to also purchase a Combro MK4 chronograph. A wise choice anyway and a must for any serious airgun owner. Keeping tabs on the power output will help keep you out of trouble with the Policy Enforcement Officers. You would of course have to consent to release your rifle for testing...
I'm pretty certain as I am aware of how the mind/ego can construct necessary justification for the gratification of a particular urge.
The mind is another complicated mistress.

M Jones