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Smallpox Small Point - Monday 01/08/11

Emma has been reading various portions of a book entitled "The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination i$ not Immunization". With the sort of information I have been learning, the evidence in the book of the inconvenient truthes is not surprising. Reports that most of the common diseases that people receive vaccines for are virtually already eradicated. In cases such as smallpox, the disease exists now only because laboratories cultivate it.
The most disconcerting side of this topic, as with many others, is what goes into these products that are then pumped directly into the bloodstream. Many are already aware of what is added to food. Would you accept aborted human fetus tissue or monkeys kidney cells in your food despite known, often fatal, side effects? No? Because many consent, even encourage, those and chemicals such as mercury, aluminium and sulphates to be injected into 8 week old babies.

On a brighter note, one week from today we shall be journeying back to a field where no one is pushing poisonous injections.
A different world. My world.

M Jones

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