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Plan B - Saturday 13/08/11

In accordance with the observed pattern, the weather greets visitors with warmth, then showers them with rain. The changeability requires frequent dressing and undressing between anorak and t-shirt. Despite this, I have taken many walks which I believe have aided my re-adjustment.
As I write, there is a fair sized group of people outside our home. They are on a tour which is a part of a 'Plan B' weekend. The idea behind the event is to gather those and educate them who would create a money and planning permission less settlement. For me it is to spread the message that the Lammas model is not the only way to go about such an undertaking.

I sat in on a fantastic talk conducted by the 'Michaels' behind "The Mortgage Chronicles" on youtube and Boy I do not envy them. Attempting to explain the truthes hidden behind the veil of society is quite possibly the sort of challenge faced by the early christian missionaries who visited the cannibalistic tribes of the Congo. Go too far at your peril.
I needn't have been concerned. These guys know their stuff, and their pure hearts were plain for all to see.
They intend to embark on a journey creating a network of communities under a society whose constitution is "My rights end where yours begin. Do as your say you will in your contracts".
Essentially the society that was prevalent some 500 years ago. I say prevalent and not 'existed' as it never ceased to exist to my mind. It is simply hidden and not recognised.

I couldn't hang around as long as I would have liked as Emma has been most unwell.
Frances, however, spent until 20:00 playing and engaging in some rather artistic woodwork.

M Jones

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