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My Ambitious Baby - Sunday 07/08/11

Tomorrow, we return to to Lammas. Today, some packing was required. It is always an eye opener to how much you possess and acquire. Our baby is the length of my shin and the width of two. Small clothes=small bag? It would appear that women of our culture believe babies, the smallest incarnation of human beings, require more clothes than two and a half adults. Pack/travel light seems not to compute. Perhaps this would change if they were tasked with carrying it...
I've come across garments that suggest this being, after only one month of existence intends to journey to the far north. She can't raise her head off a pillow, yet appears confident of pounding polar bears into submission. If it is about 'being prepared' I simply cannot fathom how this is truly accomplished by stockpiling a small towns supply of wool and cotton in the part of the wardrobe not bulging with now obsolete maternity/clown costumes. I wonder how much money is saved, if indeed any, by those living in warmer climes. I dread to think of the expense, following western women's logic, of raising a child in Siberia or Alaska.
I must need educating.

Scott The Explorer Ready To Go

M Jones

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