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The Lion Sleeps No More - Friday 20/05/11

The experience that is 'I' has chosen to take the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes. I had the fortune of watching a movie/documentary called ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD.

It very succinctly explained this world (both the physical and the social) to me. Combine this with reading Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More by David Icke and you have a most intriguing lecture.
The monetary-market system has shaped society and the globe. Not in a good way.
Nothing is as it once appeared. As I was told it was. The funny thing is, part of me always knew this.
The materials I am reading challenge the common understanding and some of it could be seen as hard to believe by many. What I am witnessing is "Truth is that which resonates with the inner being" - Eckhart Tolle. I may not fully understand what I am being taught, but I am following up that which I perceive as truth and am finding that what was once unclear/hard to believe is revealed later with time and learning.
Falsehoods do not sit well with us and thus they are forgotten and dismissed. The time when this doesn't happen, when outright nonsense is taken as reality, only can occur after long conditioning and repetition. Brainwashing. There are so many stories of those who felt a lot of what is taught in our schools to be meaningless rubbish. It is. The times I learnt the most during my school years were not teacher led. I sought the truth, it excited me and I hungered for more. Children are not as stupid as the education system believe. Is it any wonder why these disillusioned beings come from the sausage factory and feel they wasted a good portion of their life 'learning' useless crap? They did. Conversely, look at the amount of exceptionally intelligent individuals who dropped out of school, learned useful things and were better for it. Who identified the system was a lie, intent on conditioning the next batch of consumers and National Insurance numbers.

The pieces are falling into place.
The Human Race is stirring.
The Lion Sleeps No More.

A Seething Mass Of Tadpoles Disturb The Waters Suface.

Helped Ayres And Alex Position A Hawthorn Brace.

Spatula Spoon...

Tree Mulching.

M Jones

Neurotic Wiring - Wednesday 18/05/11

The past few days have been a whirlwind of research adventure. It began with Elenin aka Niburu, or Planet X and culminated in a tour of 2012 predictions, pole shift theories, recent increased earthquake activity, planetary alignment, sea level rise, UFO's and ominous threats from Russia...

Now I have never been one to seriously buy in to conspiracy theories but the discovery that from this summer there are not one, but eight celestial bodies projected to pass Earth dangerously close has me wondering as to what to think.


Ultimately, these are distractions. I am wishing to be prepared but not to worry about that which is beyond any spectrum of my control.
I have asked those around me to tolerate any of my preparations along the following lines.
Throughout our lives we have had various warnings pertaining to future cataclysms. I would feel pretty stupid if I did nothing, and strange happenings were to occur. Therefore I am happy to be treated like a weirdo and hopefully be laughed at a year or two from now.

Aside from my neurosis, all is ticking along as before, the date of our departure is approaching quietly and not much thought has gone into logistics or planning.
On our last day out, I noticed the left indicator was flashing rapidly. This is normally a sign a bulb has blown. So I bought a replacement. Transpires it's not the bulb... a relay? Possibly. Dodgy wiring? My checks have turned up no suspect parts. Corroded contacts in the stalk? Possible but I am rather reticent about delving into sensitive controls so close to our departure.
The kicker is I can't really outsource the problem due to cost of labour and insurance. Another MOT fail to add to the large crack in the windscreen...
Infernal Machine.

M Jones

For This Life? Or The Next? - Friday 13/05/11

For a while now, I have heard tell of a rather hostile landowner nearby.
Tir-Y-Gafel was founded on a portion of what was formerly Pont-Y-Gafel farm. A gradual sell off by the owner and general asset stripping of what was reportedly one of the most successful dairy farms in Wales, has resulted in a number of owners of various sized fields or plots.
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting one of these owners whose plot lies next to the property I speak of. Running over their land is a portion of an old sheep drovers path. If this path were once again honoured and open, the difficulty of access for this plot owner and his fellows would be solved. So far they have met with stubborn resistance.
Being rather curious, I set out today to tread in the drovers foot steps.
Before I left I read up on the 'Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000'. Suitably reassured, I began my journey over the hill to Crymych. By photographing along the way, I can allow pictures to tell my story...

Emma has recently been involved with chanting and Buddhist meetings. She often pootles off with Tir-Y-Gafel resident Jane Wells. I've been happy to leave her to it but tonight she came back with an interesting observation. Buddhism appears to preach a very similar message as Eckhart Tolle. Most notably, the philosophy of 'living in the now'. Unlike other faiths that focus on preparing for the future or specifically ensuring our place in the next life.
Jane's reaction to Emma's observation was along the lines of "if I were God I'd be pretty insulted".
This spurred me to imagine a conversation between a Christian and his God after he had died...

Christian: So, here I am God. Hey Jesus. How did I Do?
God: Erm, You tell me.
Christian: Thanks for asking. Well I went to Church every Sunday. Said my prayers every night. Paid my tithes. Went to confession. read the Bible loads of times. Converted a few Pagans. Spent Monday nights down the soup kitchen. Was a choir boy and did exactly what the vicar told me...
God: Ok. Sounds very familiar . So what do you want?
Christian: Well, My reward I suppose. You know, a nice place in Heaven and all that.
God: Was Earth not enough?
Christian: Sorry, you've lost me.
God: As you know from the Bible, I created Paradise! I created forests that spanned what you call countries and filled them with life and energy. I carved out lakes and oceans and in them dwelt a myriad of ancient beings.
Upon the land, great herds roamed, prides of lions stalked and elephants patrolled.
Did that not bring you joy?
Christian: The Park was hardly a forest, and the zoo was a rip off!
God: I moulded the celestial bodies and set their dance. I fashioned a ball of fire of unrivalled magnificence. The night I decorated with the finest tapestry of jewels for man to gaze upon in awe. Did that not please you?
Christian: I watched the eclipse on TV once. It was alright...
God: Did you not stop and ask the oak tree the secret to its long life?
Christian: When was I supposed to fit that in? I was too busy working.
God: Working? You must mean doing that which pleased the soul!
Christian: F@*k no! I needed money!
God: Money?
Christian: Yes! Money! Everyone wanted it from me! The blokes working for you pocketed 10%. Heaven didn't come cheap I can tell you!
God: You are aware that money is the root of all evil created by Lucifer to ensnare souls in eternal suffering. Used to obliterate all that which is good in humans and the Earth. To perpetuate a vicious cycle of hurt, pain, misery and war. To smash the equality that once reigned and trick men into believing they are only worth their value in currency. Ultimately it creates a religion of its own, a false idol and ensures its victim marches straight to hell or else languish in despair.
Christian: Do the banks know this?
God: I gifted you life, the holiest and most sacred thing ever to exist. The purpose? To live it. To love it. To help me to create it. To nurture it. To sustain it. But instead you forgot it, mourned it, suffered it and destroyed it. Where are my forests? Show me my pure oceans, bring me my stars you failed to see, give me back my Eden. You want your reward? Here it is. In my infinite love, wisdom and mercy, I will send you once more to paradise. As your own descendant. Clean up the mess you made and report back to me.

M Jones

Tir-Y-Gafel's Finest Hour - Thursday 12/05/11

Today marks a winding down of labour on the hub build as tomorrow a bulk of the volunteers are due to depart. A thank you/farewell meal was organised on a 'bring a dish' basis.
If I have been overly cynical or critical of this community in the past, there was, in my eyes, no reason to be so about this event. Everyone displayed enormous generosity. Be it of their time and/or in their offerings.
The two dining tables were laden with delicious food contributed by residents and volunteers alike. Nigel led and award ceremony and presented tokens of appreciation on behalf of Tir-Y-Gafel to those who have donated so many hours of their time to constructing a marvellous and beautiful facility. That night, this settlement that I have observed for nearly a year, demonstrated what a community is all about and by doing so, did itself very proud indeed.
For me, this was Tir-Y-Gafel's finest hour. A benchmark and beacon of hope.

The Children Playing On Left Over Bales.

M Jones