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Tir-Y-Gafel's Finest Hour - Thursday 12/05/11

Today marks a winding down of labour on the hub build as tomorrow a bulk of the volunteers are due to depart. A thank you/farewell meal was organised on a 'bring a dish' basis.
If I have been overly cynical or critical of this community in the past, there was, in my eyes, no reason to be so about this event. Everyone displayed enormous generosity. Be it of their time and/or in their offerings.
The two dining tables were laden with delicious food contributed by residents and volunteers alike. Nigel led and award ceremony and presented tokens of appreciation on behalf of Tir-Y-Gafel to those who have donated so many hours of their time to constructing a marvellous and beautiful facility. That night, this settlement that I have observed for nearly a year, demonstrated what a community is all about and by doing so, did itself very proud indeed.
For me, this was Tir-Y-Gafel's finest hour. A benchmark and beacon of hope.

The Children Playing On Left Over Bales.

M Jones

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