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The Lion Sleeps No More - Friday 20/05/11

The experience that is 'I' has chosen to take the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes. I had the fortune of watching a movie/documentary called ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD.

It very succinctly explained this world (both the physical and the social) to me. Combine this with reading Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More by David Icke and you have a most intriguing lecture.
The monetary-market system has shaped society and the globe. Not in a good way.
Nothing is as it once appeared. As I was told it was. The funny thing is, part of me always knew this.
The materials I am reading challenge the common understanding and some of it could be seen as hard to believe by many. What I am witnessing is "Truth is that which resonates with the inner being" - Eckhart Tolle. I may not fully understand what I am being taught, but I am following up that which I perceive as truth and am finding that what was once unclear/hard to believe is revealed later with time and learning.
Falsehoods do not sit well with us and thus they are forgotten and dismissed. The time when this doesn't happen, when outright nonsense is taken as reality, only can occur after long conditioning and repetition. Brainwashing. There are so many stories of those who felt a lot of what is taught in our schools to be meaningless rubbish. It is. The times I learnt the most during my school years were not teacher led. I sought the truth, it excited me and I hungered for more. Children are not as stupid as the education system believe. Is it any wonder why these disillusioned beings come from the sausage factory and feel they wasted a good portion of their life 'learning' useless crap? They did. Conversely, look at the amount of exceptionally intelligent individuals who dropped out of school, learned useful things and were better for it. Who identified the system was a lie, intent on conditioning the next batch of consumers and National Insurance numbers.

The pieces are falling into place.
The Human Race is stirring.
The Lion Sleeps No More.

A Seething Mass Of Tadpoles Disturb The Waters Suface.

Helped Ayres And Alex Position A Hawthorn Brace.

Spatula Spoon...

Tree Mulching.

M Jones

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