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The Cautious Corvid - Thursday 28/04/11

I woke again at 05:00 and used the opportunity for a hunt. I made a circuit through the woodland with a missed opportunity on a pigeon. The only other targets were crows but they were extremely wise and evacuated once they were alerted to my presence.
But never relax when hunting. As I was returning I heard a close by pigeon call.
I inched my way around a bush until I spied the source, who luckily was within range. Unable to take a head shot due to the drifting twigs and branches I hit him with a fatal heart and lung shot. Within seconds the Raider was reloading a 'just to be sure' close range head shot and completed a very clean despatch. My first wild trophy! (Not counting the trout of course).
It's times like this when my ego balloons and I ask myself who here at Lammas is living more off the land than I, a lowly volunteer? The only person to currently be fishing and hunting.

First Blood For The Webley Raider 10 XS .22

Trying My Hand At Scything.

The Circle Of Life.

Whilst out for an evening hunt, I asked the crow; "Why are you such a distrustful, cautious corvid?" This was his reply:

"Years ago, mankind, the animals and the Earth were bound by the most sacred of vows. This oath was simple. The Earth promised to nourish and sustain all the life that was brought forth on its surface. Mankind and the other animals likewise promised to worship and respect life and be mindful that it was a gift to be held in trust for the next spirit.

Mankind, the animals and Earth existed in harmony, often communing with each other. There was no fear. When it came time for man or animal to eat, the hungry went out and asked for those who were ready to come forward, to give up their life as freely as they were given it, and in so doing complete the cycle and live on.
When man was cold, he would go out and find a tree that had finished and released its life, or ask for those who were ready. Often in these days, animals would share man's fire.

Overseeing all this was the crow and his kind. Their role was a special one. Sometimes it would come to pass that animals would die, their spirits needing to be guided to the next life as their bodies had not, or could not, nourish anything else. The crow would gather up these lost souls and ensure the cycle continued.

And so it was for millennia.

Until mankind changed. Man forgot his promise. Man began to take more than his share from the Earth. Man stole what was never intended for him. Jewels and stones hidden away and hard to reach. Man no longer worshipped life. He began to take it from the animals. Even from his own kind. Never asking permission or giving thanks to those that nourished him.
When once all men, birds and animals existed together in harmony, now each hid, ran from, and feared the other. Quickly, man eradicated the animals who once requested the life he now called and claimed as, his own. He developed ways to stall and put off the day he returned his gift of life until he lived for longer and longer than ever before.
Man's young, seeing and learning, continued and exacerbated the damage his elders were causing.

Things were no longer harmonious.

The Earth's love for man was so great, she forgave his early crimes. But she realised, like all good mothers, if her creations continued to break and ignore holy and sacred codes then repercussions must follow and lesson taught. So with her infinite love, she is no longer following her promise. She is not vindictive. She is not cruel. If we would simply return to the ways of our enlightened ancestors, she will nourish and sustain and forgive. Given time, perhaps the animals might also forgive mankind for his crimes.

Until then, the corvids remain cautious.
Always watching. Waiting. From a distance.

M Jones

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