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My Moby Dick - Tuesday 26/04/11

This was to be a completely surreal day. Perhaps my body knew it would be and was so excited it wouldn't let me sleep. I rose at 04:45 and decided to go a-hunting. Took a very long walk about, which culminated in me locating and subsequently scaring off 3-4 rabbits. Upon my weary return, I knew I would have nothing to lose if I went a-fishing.
To my shock and surprise, I cast out my line only 3 times when I got a bite. Nothing could have prepared me for the amazement at the size of the monster on my hook. A brown trout weighing 1lb 14oz and 1/8th. A sharp tap on the back of my quarry's head and he was despatched. Albeit with an eye bulging from its socket.
My primordial task was concluded and fulfilled for the day. I returned home filled with pride and elation. This beast of the depths would feed my entire family.
After announcing my accomplishment to all those who would listen, I passed out on the couch.

Slightly re-energised by my siesta, I went for a wander and returned to find Emma chatting to Helen, a videographer, documenting Lammas on behalf of Undercurrents.
Of course, she was next to be regaled with the tale of my Moby Dick! And off she went.

Then she came back. Through talking to Jasmine, she discovered I wrote a blog and had published it as a book and sensed a story. So I did a very enjoyable interview with her, talking about the above and our time here as volunteers. I am very grateful indeed to her for her time and for thinking of me.

The rest of the day I spent tinkering with lawnmowers before we had dinner. I fried the trout in olive oil after leaving it soaking in salt water for 6-8 hours. I had foraged some Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) in the day which complimented the fish beautifully.
Now, my taste buds will be biased, but everyone who tasted it agreed that that trout was some of the best fish ever eaten. A thick meaty texture only wild game has, with a beautiful rich flavour gained from an equally wild and organic diet (Nick found a newt in its stomach!).

Incredible day. I slept well that's for sure!

The Catch Of The Day

Bulgy Eye - Felt Disrespectful, But I Found It Rather Comical.

The Usual Fishermans Pose.

Ready For The Pan

Cuisine Worthy Of The Finest Restaurant.

M Jones

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