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Have Faith, Have Hope - Sunday 24/04/11

I really put the fishing rod to use, almost and entire day of fishing. I've come to view it almost in the same light as gambling. A promise and the excitement of a big payout or prize at the cost of something. In this case a day of my life. Fishing also failed to leave me too dejected despite coming home empty handed.

Easter Sunday. Resurrection. Life beginning anew and a fresh. I do have that feeling about the situation we find ourselves in.
We are leaving here in just over a months time. Until Kits return and we have a sit down chat, we don't really know anything beyond there. The birth of our second child could send any plans awry and be a catalyst for something else. Regardless of the uncertainty that perpetually lies ahead, I am at peace. The fearful future is of no consequence to me. I know that when Now comes, then will be the time to do. Do whatever needs doing.
I won't dwell on, but I would like to reflect upon our past 10 or so months here at Lammas. It has been our net after we left into the unknown. The inhabitants here have each held out hands to cushion the landing. Is that what they meant by 'Low Impact'? That thought makes me smile. Ayres and Marianne had a big role in our early time here for which I am eternally grateful. Kit and Saara have been equally generous and even in their absence I thank them both deeply for the lessons I have learnt whilst stewarding their land. Working with Kit has been greatly educational and enjoyable.
I am immensely excited about the position we're in and the immeasurable opportunities open to us. Where will we be if not here? I don't know GPS co-ordinates, but I do know it will be a place of our choosing. The reality, of our creation. A heaven to me could be hell for another, so in a family concessions and compromises need to be made.
I have faith. I have hope. And so should anyone.

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M Jones

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