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Community Shopping - Tuesday 12/04/11

Embarked on a research mission yesterday. We purchased our days insurance at 10:10 and made a trip to the tip. Fran returned from a sleep over just as we got back. With our merry band complete, we went community shopping. That is, we viewed a place Heartwood.
A really great community, very different set up to Lammas. They live almost as an extended family. Legally they are structured as a Housing Co-Op under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act.
It is a place we have been recommended, but they are presently at capacity.
In truth, an extended family is probably not what I am after right now, if anything, I'd rather downsize.
Whilst there, I mucked out a stable and helped build a cord wood wall. Emma helped Richards partner Staci mix cob that was used to plug the gaps. With that experience gained, today we built a cob oven!

The Shrew Hunter

Mixing The Cob

The Finished Product.

She Worked Really Hard.

Oh That's Right, No She Didn't... Lazy Beast.

Tah Dah! Some Call That Look 'Organic' Ya Know...

A Tour By The Households Head Gardner.

Mixing Cob At Heartwood.

Didn't Take Long With Logs That Size!

A Very Tranquil Ty Bach...

M Jones

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