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Cardigan, Cilgerran, Castles And Coracles - Friday 22/04/11

After doing "that which moved me" all week, I felt it was time my little family enjoyed a bit of movement too. To that end, we insured the Iron Horse and took a ride to Cardigan, Poppit Sands and then Cilgerran.
Emma had been given money by her mother and grandmother to treat Fran, so of course a walk to Yum Yums was in order.
As no one was going to treat me, I treated myself. To a fishing rod. (I'll admit to the white lie, Emma bought me some black Crocs).
After picking up the bicycle and buying a replacement indicator bulb (ours was on the 'blink') we let Fran loose on Poppit Sands.
By 14:00 however, the beach was filling up and I'd had enough.
Nearly every time we've returned from Cardigan I've seen a sign for Cilgerran Castle and each time thought it'd be worth a visit. So we did. I was wrong, it wasn't worth a visit. Not for £3.20 each or £9.20 for a family ticket. We saw nearly all of it by walking the public footpath along the perimeter. It was whilst doing this that I noticed another sign pointing to the 'Coracle Centre'. Again a bit disappointing as it was merely a block of toilets with information boards. That is not to say we were upset, definitely not, the weather was superb and the walk was most enjoyable.

M Jones

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