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A Hungry Man Observes No Seasons - Friday 08/04/10

After a period of dark skies, fog, mist and much needed rain, the weather has returned to glorious sunshine and wonderfully warm days.
Spent yesterday and today helping out Jude with the repair of the door to her compost toilet. She and I have bartered and agreed to exchange time and skills in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Alongside many others, one thing I really like about Jude is her books. She has a great collection, nearly everyone of them interests me in some way. Currently the most interesting are The Complete Yurt Handbook by Paul King(would help with repairing the Yurt we've been given) and Make Your Garden Feed You by E.T Brown. They will have to wait however, as my current queue has lengthened with the arrival of Henry David Thoreau's  Walden: Or, Life in the Woods.
From the little I have read of Walden, I can already see the author is not only ahead of his time, but also a man who shares my own thoughts and feelings on the subjects of our society, our past, our lives and our problems (which appear to stem from one or a combination of the aforementioned). I can tell that this is going to be a deeply thought provoking book.

I am still waiting to hear back from Kit after sending him and email of our thoughts a week ago. I deduce from this that things are perhaps hotting up his end with his first born due any day now. Without knowing his opinion of our thoughts and situation, I find myself often contemplating the myriad of potential outcomes, I will refrain from assaulting the reader with yet another of my lengthy and inconclusive lists.

Last night upon returning from a walk, Nick asked if I had read the note he'd left for us. Apparently our possible intentions have reached the ears of some of the locals who dropped by to view our static. It may transpire that our hand is forced somewhat if we are offered the £1400 it has cost us.

Above all else, today is the day I finally settled the bill on my new .22 Webley Raider 10 Pre Charged Pneumatic Air Rifle. I expect to receive it by the end of the week. Of course with most of the seasons now closed it should be just in time to be too late. Of course, that depends on how hungry I get...

Under Floor Heating In The Hub

Has a very Mediterranean feel I think.

The Finished Article

The Hub

The purple sprouting broccoli seems to have survived.

A visit to Crymych and for the first time ever, we managed to catch something happening at the market!

M Jones

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