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Renegotiate - Thursday 19/04/11

I have continued to endeavour to pay attention to, and do, that which moves me. The hardest times are when I have bound myself to another person and thereby to my honour. In yesterdays case, helping another plotholder. Hard does not mean unpleasant in this instance, indeed it never does mean unpleasant. It stands to reason that when doing the bidding of someone else, you are not free to do the bidding of yourself. I was happy nonetheless. It was an arrangement of my choosing. I was bolstered in this happiness when I stayed aware that I was warm, fed, and dry. An important checklist!
If I ask myself why then couldn't I do this in the past in employment and remained there contented? Well, thats easy, I would've been kidding myself. "Truth is that which resonates with the inner being" - Eckhart Tolle. I might have been warm, fed and dry, but at the time I wanted more. My choices of employment sometimes meant that whilst working I was none of the above! I certainly did not want to be bound to a contract that no longer felt of benefit to me. If a trade is perceived unfair, we renegotiate and so, when my trade of labour cost forty hours of my precious week and the compensation felt to be inadequate, its time to renegotiate or cancel.

My air rifle has still not been delivered. After ringing to ask when it would be, I was told by the driver it was not possible until Wednesday evening. What bollocks. I've decided that when he arrives I shall exercise my rights to the full. Documenting any visible scrape to the product or packaging. Actually testing the rifle in front of him before signing what he wants, and by his laws needs me to sign. Needless to say, this will take time. I predict that he will not be released until at least 45 minutes have passed... Yes, I could admit that that would be thought to be vindictive on my part, but I know I don't want to accepted a damaged or faulty rifle. Especially if it puts me at the mercy of a business man I do not trust. Far better therefore to take my time even if it costs him his.

I was very impressed by a victory for Emma and Frances yesterday. The local leisure centre have decided No Card, No Entry". They wanted to take our daughters photo to put on an I.D card. Emma said "No" and with Jasmines help and backing forced the staff to concede it was wholly unnecessary and was nothing more than identity theft (Government condoned) and a breach of the right to privacy and confidentiality. There was definitely a victory, however small.

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