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A Childless Mothers Day - Sunday 03/04/11

Mothering Sunday. A pleasant observation on Emma's part today, when she noticed that apart from the occasion Frances gave her a posy of flowers and cuttings, our daughter has been absent for near enough the entire day. Happily this is fine when one remembers that normally she spends the majority of her time in our company.
Through idle banter, Emma and I possibly stumbled on a disturbing truth. We are conditioned that we must 'Earn A Living', or is it earning the right to live? No other animal on Earth must do this and up until recently neither did humans.
A musing I had today whilst sawing up firewood went along the lines of this. I was told in school that in the past
"life was hard". Those who have attempted to replicate the lives of those in various periods of history seem to concur. My question is two fold. One, with out us individually trying out the methods of our ancestors, how can we truly understand what life was like? and two, does 'hard' necessarily mean 'less desirable'? Is comfortable and easy the right way for us to be heading? I understand seeking comfort. But the advice "live within your means" has never had more relevance in my opinion. It is advice I intend to follow and would invite others to analyse whether or not they are doing this.
Can you afford your fuel bills? The floor space you pay to heat and live on, the mode of transport you most commonly use, your methods of communication i.e mobile and internet tariffs etc.

When I've finished all this musing I give thanks that I have chosen to create a life where I can afford to spend my time doing so.

M Jones

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