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Whats In A Name? Me. - 15/04/11 Friday

Conversation and clarity. The morning of Thursday 13th April my legs took me where they wanted me to go. I spent time with Simon and Jasmine, Nick, the Hub volunteers and finally Ayres. Through these interactions I have been able to gain reassurance. Reassurance that we manifest our thoughts and realities. Understanding my position in this complex solar system of people, space, actions, words and atoms.
It was during this mornings wee that I was struck by the realisation I don't have a name. How can I hope to find something, namely myself, if it continues to remain unnamed?
 Why, that's like asking for directions when you can't recall where you're headed. It's not impossible but its a damn sight more difficult in my experience.
My legal and business name is on the front of this book. But that is merely the account name of the Government issued Life Annuity. I need perhaps to research tribal naming traditions, and like Hercules, suffer the trials necessary in gaining my true name.

Frans New Hat

A Rather Delicious Dandelion Soup.


Nicks Hand Plough, Good Fun And Labour Saving.

A Budding Willow I Planted.

M Jones

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