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Zombification - Saturday 09/04/11

Lobster coloured children maraud the site, some in varying degrees of zombification brought on by probable sun stroke. 25C at 19:10 should indicate the glorious weather we're enjoying. The hawthorn trees have burst with white blossom, nursed seeds and seedlings are now rocketing skyward. Some already falling prey to slugs.

Finally utilised a window of opportunity and moved the lattice, rafters and wheel of the Yurt under cover in the barn. A cursory inspection suggests with a little TLC and a new door if the original can't be located and we should have a half decent home. Presently that brings the count to three and make logistic a further concern. We are definitely moving up in the world! Three homes owned outright after just a year. I am becoming quite the property mogul I fear.

M Jones

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