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Fellow Citizens - Saturday 02/04/11

The Day of Fools has passed and my awareness has increased with research. Have been learning about a variety of pieces of legislation and have dug up an exceptionally disturbing yet informative report on citizenship (link). This report, commissioned by Gordon Brown, documents the the transition from British Subject to British Citizen. I wasn't aware you could be a 'British Protected Person'! This status is seemingly a non-citizen who has been granted the protection and some rights afforded to a British Subject/Citizen. The report ominously calls for the revision of the Law of Treason to ensure all citizens know and abide by their responsibilities...

My research has also brought up some accounts of people who successfully retained the right not to register the birth of their child(ren) link. Very interesting indeed. Freedom is rather scary, especially to an institutionalised 'citizen' like me.

M Jones

Oh! Watch out for the 'Citizen Corps'. A Hitler Youth sounding organisation proposed by the report!

The Terrible Two. Fran and Bea

Charlie's build next door

The Lammas owned woodland.

This exquisite resource and setting is so far under used and forgotten by most of the plotholders here.

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