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Enlightenment - Wednesday 30/03/11

I have a knot in my stomach. Most likely down to nervous excitement, fear or the fact I took my eye off the ball and slipped back into smoking. (Albeit, at this moment secretly)
Money worries have driven 60%-80% of this energy, the rest made up of the fear of not knowing yet desperately trying to formulate some sort of plan.
I am unsure if reading Standing Under Freedom by TheAntiTerrorist is clarifying things for me or opening yet more doors and thereby overloading my poor little mind.
That book is incredible but definitely only for a particular sort of reader. I think I'm ready to be enlightened....

The tax on our car runs out soon and the MOT not far behind. The windscreen alone will fail the car on its next MOT. This has forced forward our plans to return home for the babies arrival.
Thankfully this hasn't posed a problem as we've been able to arrange accommodation.

M Jones

The hub progressing daily.

A foraged salad of dandelion, sorrel and pennywort.

Home education...

I know you should let sleeping dogs lie, but what about cats?

Dorothy's hat squishing the Wicked WitchCat.

The buds of March

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