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Dry Roots - Friday 25/03/11

Helped out Jude yesterday. The idea was to construct a bender to use as duck housing. For me, a bender is no where near secure enough and when it turned out she had trees that needed planting (some bare root) there was no contest. This late in the year, them trees need planting! It didn't even matter where, as long as those roots were in the soil. when you live next to a tree surgeon-come-gardener, you learn about these things.
I have been very lethargic indeed. A combination of illness and the hot weather. Managed to watch Nick finish off a polybender, and partly aid spreading a canvas over his homemade geo-dome. In my experience and through researching these structures, the only ones that 'work' are those of the Bedouin style. Examples where people try to board them up and seal them seem to suffer many issues and problems.

She used to be so pretty...

After a few dry days and two of hot sun, the ground is already cracking.
M Jones

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