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Bricks and Hedges - Wednesday 16/02/11

Free reign for Nick and I today due to Kits absence. Began by planting up the hedge bank that divides Kits from Nigel and Cassies. Planted Hawthorn, Hazel, Crab Apple and Field Maple. This took us barely an hour, after planting more along the perimeter bank, we knocked up a privacy screen in front of the compost loo using two fence posts and the ground sheet of an old tent. Again, to shield the neighbours.
Nick left after lunch, leaving me bricklaying solo. Delayed due to both the weather and another volunteer enquiring about the availability of our old caravan. When he told us it was to enable him to stay with, and help Ayres, it was a done deal.
Eventually I summoned up the strength and motivation to do two hours of back breaking brick laying. I couldn't have done it better. Two rows in two hours using and only requiring all of just one mortar mix. Perfect!
Proud, but exhausted.

M Jones

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