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Saga Of The Boiler - Tuesday 22/02/11

The boiler saga continues. Monday, I gave it a test. Tap sprang a leak again. Ok. Ditch the tap. Shoved in a stick to bung the pipe. Turned on the water, fired up the boiler. Lots of splurting and judders but hot water came through. Success? No.
My repair soon failed and once again the boiler began to leak. This time if silicone and milliput don't work I'll bypass the damn thing. My ideas are as follows;

A coil of black pipe on the roof will serve as the first stage primary heating, this I plan to then run to a section of copper piping behind the wood burner. In theory that should suffice and provide hot water all year, but as a back up I hoped I could run it to the gas boiler. This whole circuit will be closed i.e no header or expansion tank, protected by a safety valve.
One thought was to re-use the cistern of the redundant WC toilet, but this would require an in-line 12 volt pump due to the pressure loss it would cause.
I have a vague idea how it will all come together and Simon D assures me that what I propose could work. I hope so. I want that shower.

M Jones

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