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Just For The Love Of It - Wednesday 02/02/11

Insomnia struck last night. When I could take it no longer, I set out into the pitch black night, mist swirling in the light of the head torch. The spinning invisible drops of water caressing my cheeks as I walked to the barn.
Overloaded my brain with information. Read up on the Freeman movement, Common Law and the Magna Carta, joined (Mark Boyle's Freeconomist website), bought a share in Lammas and analysed the rules governing an Industrial and Provident Society. By 02:00 I had had enough.
We look after Nick's dog Teasel whilst he's volunteering, and this morning he brought along his copy of his 'Sovereign Declaration'. This is the first step to becoming a 'Freeman On The Land' as I understand it (and also completely different to the freeconomy movement!). All his learning has come from research on the internet, but also from a book titled Standing Under Freedom: A Foundation for Personal Empowerment. This book intrigues me greatly and I'm itching to exchange The Moneyless Man for it.
The late night really sapped my energy but thankfully the weather has been wet and windy. This not only signals winters demise, but just as importantly gives me a day off of sorts. Still moved large piles of wood and pushed a Volvo around but did less than usual.

M Jones

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