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Alone I Sit - Thursday 03/02/11

Each morning, I get up, empty my bladder and smoke a cigarette as I survey the sky and earth. On this occasion a cloudless night allowed Jack Frost a rather weak return. Next I clean out, reset, then light the wood burner, grab my rifle, and sit at the bottom of the field in hope that the canada geese will take off within range. If the Mill Pond weren't off limits, or more accurately, if I and my family needed feeding, I'd shoot them on the pond if they ventured near the bank. Once again I was empty handed but not disappointed. Sitting alone, quietly on a beautiful morning is rewarding in itself.
Arranged with Nigel next door to execute four cockerels tomorrow, his wife want it done simultaneously and we just have enough guns.
Planted 50 Italian Alder trees, had lunch, then completed the first course of bricks just before 17:00.
The clouds have rolled in on an unsettled and turbulent wind. To me this is an indicator of the seasonal change taking place. Nature shaking down and getting ready.
Not sure I'll hunt the geese tomorrow, not if chickens need murdering...

The first row of bricks completed.
M Jones

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