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Life and Death - Friday 04/02/11

A day of death. After more tree planting and moving piles of wood (during which time Teasel killed and ate two voles) we grabbed our guns and went next door to kill some chickens.
No one was home but after a phone call to Nigel, one cockerel was marked for execution.
Taking his life was an experience I shall never forget. Cockerels are exceptionally tough birds and despite a well aimed shot through the side of the head, I wasn't satisfied. I reloaded and fired again. Blood poured from his wounds as he slowly reared his head, closed his eyes, and died. I know exactly when his life expired. He almost sighed his spirit away.
This has enforced my resolve that should I hunt wild game and be presented with a shot, that shot has to be 100% satisfactory. The old cockerel has shown me how hard it is to deliver an instant and clean death. If that Cock did suffer, I hope he'll forgive me on the grounds his long happy life was far better than millions of his kind. His execution, under the Sun and Sky, on green grass, preferable to being slaughtered in a factory.
In butchering the carcass, I did my utmost to extract as much of the meat, and waste as little as possible, thereby paying the maximum respect to the life I had just ended. I definitely could not do what I did today every time I visited the supermarket. Imagine all the slaughtering and butchery you'd have to do when buying your endless meat based products. Burgers, sausages, nuggets, corned beef, gelatine, steak and kidney pies, etc etc.
Am extremely grateful for my profound experience today. Death has brought about a deeper respect for the miracle of life.

One of Emma's Bill Bailey Look A Like Dolls...
M Jones

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