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Unfathomable Truth - Tuesday 15/03/10

Was asked to do some paid work work on Friday. Those 6.5 hours knocked 2 weeks off the wait for my £300 Webley Raider 10 Air Rifle. The wait now stands at 2.9 weeks. Handy, as its commonly said, the nicotine cravings pass after this time.

Thankfully the three non laying hens were despatched on a far more leisurely timetable than first thought. Using the method described in my Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game book proved to be efficient and effective, but a very different experience. Shooting provides physical and emotional distance, affording the marksman the luxury of not staring death in the face. Or holding it in his hands.
When using a knife to stick the birds brain, then opening the jugular, there is no escaping the effects of your actions, brought about by your desire. I literally held and extinguished life in my hands. It is not easy. In fact I would invite all those who hunt with firearms to sample killing their usual quarry with a knife and their bare hands.
I for one never have, and certainly never will, kill for sport. It shall always and only be for the table. Mine. I still find it more unfathomable than ironic, that here I am in an intentional community, set up and run by people who wish to live off the land, and I am seemingly the only one prepared to hunt and kill my food.

Tomorrow Emma and Fran are heading to Stroud to visit family for a week, I wonder what it'll be like here home alone...

Its a dogs life...

...and a cats.

But not a chickens.

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