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Eggbert Gets Smashed - Saturday 19/03/11

06:06. Has been lonely without my family. As a consequence, I've done a fair few things. Took a bath, then reused the water to wash the dirty clothes I'd changed out of (particularly proud of that thinking), made briquette logs from cardboard using our press (they have since been drying on the wood burner), caught upon the blog, had a bash at some bread, then a soup... Ok, those last two were rather upsetting. Bread mk1 failed to rise. Possibly due to me misreading the recipe and adding two table not teaspoons of salt. Might help kill the geese... or could just dunk them in boiled eggs to save salting.
Boy! The eggs loved my second loaf. As soon as the two I'd boiled felt it, they shouted to their mates in the fridge. Overheard the ringleader 'hatching' a plan - when I next make a coffee, they're going to jump into the caf├ętiere in the hope they'll be boiled and i'll eat them with these sexy, silky smooth yet fluffy soldiers of mine. Eggbert Junior got so excited he rolled out of the fridge and tried to tell the chickens next door.
So I boiled him up and smashed his head in...

Began soup around 18:00 last night and it was still cooking and 'softening' at 21:45. This failure could be attributed to the amount of ingredients.
3 x leeks,
1 x red pepper,
1/2 tin corned beef,
3 x carrots,
3 x potatoes,
1 x sweet potato,
2 x onions.
Quite alot for one man. Albeit by the time I surrendered and sadly slipped beneath the sheets, I was one hungry man...
Have had a deluge of new reading material lately added to the arrival of the library van, from which I borrowed 'Victorian Farm', 'Matthew Reilly's Scarecrow' and 'Good Old-Fashioned Teatime Treats' (a hint to Emma that I'd like more puddings)
Nick has lent me David Icke's 'Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More'
Have only managed a quarter of 'Victorian Farm' so will have to report back on the others.
An interesting, and I think, important observation in ''Victorian Farm', is that the Victorians prolific resourcefulness and ingenious methods of recycling, stemmed from the simple fact that for the most part, they were very poor. As are many other cultures who are adept at wasting little. So there is the answer. The Big Wigs are listening. We have said we want more recycling in the UK and they're acting by making us poor. Cheers all you bankers as well as the equally guilty and greedy politicians. Nice one.

Rising from the warm, gassy depths.

The accident.

The chosen one.

M Jones

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