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A Shot At Competence - Sunday 20/02/11

Thursday was the second day of the consensus training. Took some time in the morning to cut and chop wood whilst the sun shone and the sky was blue. Sometime in the afternoon, after many coffees and relaxing, Emma and I planted some more hedging.
Friday I hung around outside helping Kit assemble another woodshed for most of the day. In the afternoon we mixed a small amount of mortar and built up the corners of the house. That way, all I have to do is join them up ensuring they meet the levels.
Saturday morning I hitched a ride with Nick into Crymych and bought £15 worth of water pipe and fittings. Between sorting and moving our little caravan for another volunteer, I rigged up the pipe. All connected, I opened the valve up and sauntered back to our static dreaming of running water and the luxury of a hot shower.
As I opened the door, my dreams evaporated. Emma was combating a cascade of water erupting from the boiler in the kitchen. Balls. As I'd feared over the winter  and suspected after we took delivery of the van, the boiler had blown a pipe. Consulted Ayres on his recent repair job, and followed his advice of J-B WELD
and Milliput . This meant a 24hr wait for it to cure.
Today I waited patiently for the repair to set. I busied myself with some track way maintenance for a neighbouring house, and Kit prepared to leave. After his departure, Nick and I murdered two more cockerels.
The first one was a beautiful dispatch. One shot to the back of the head and he was obviously dead. The other cockerel was none too happy and attacked Nick as he advanced to stick a knife in his dead chums brain.
The second was not so easy. Again, a shot to the back of the head followed by cartwheels, but he needed two more after that. Not good when Cassie and her son Davey were watching. Still, was all over very quickly and I think she was satisfied by my competence.
By now it was time to test my boiler repair - Boiler fixed, but now there's a leak and a crack in the pipe under the hot tap in the bathroom. Have got to wait another 24 hours whilst the silicone sets.
Will I ever get a shower?

Cap'n Van Winkles Walking Stick

Katy and Leanders Roundhouse, minus tarps!!

M Jones

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