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Non-Smoking - Tuesday 08/03/11

The final shackle has been picked and I am free! After reading Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, I'm the Non Smoker I used to be. I could give you my opinion etc and tell every nicotine addict its a must read before stopping. But it would only benefit smokers who have realised its a mugs game and truly want to break out of the cycle.
For a while I was a bit confused what to do with my tobacco. I didn't want to keep it and hide it somewhere. If I gave it to someone, that meant I could recall it as a debt. So I spread it on the grass. Ashes to ashes. Dirty filthy weed.
Despite only having stopped for 6 hours so far, I have noticed a marked difference in my breathing and performance. The iron bands I had once kept clamping on my chest are breaking away.
Yippee! I'm a Non-Smoker!

Not your average butchers shop...

Ying and Yang

Poisoning the orchard with the dreaded weed.

All gone.

Time to fight them English landowners.

M Jones

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