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The Avian Executioner - Thursday 10/03/11

Yippee! I'm still a non-smoker! The little nicotine monster is doing his best but he is definitely starving to death. Allen Carr's book is obviously a simple reverse brainwashing exercise judging by the amount of repetition, but I will say that thus far it has prepared me for all the hurdles and made this transition or rather remission, very easy indeed.

My avian execution and butchery skills have obviously been noted and recommended. My services have been requested on another plot to despatch and prepare 3 non layers. With a deadline of Saturday evening, that means one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one the next day. That's killing, plucking and preparing the damn things... hard work but at least we get one in payment.

Over the past few days I've been quietly getting on with planting rows of willow. As easy and therapeutic as this has been, I am glad to say it is nearly finished. Over half an acre planted in 2/3 days. Hope they do well and I haven't fluffed it.
Am going to sleep well tonight

M Jones

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