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My Mistresses - Tuesday 26/07/11

Today, an Air Arms TX200 .177 air rifle I bought through for £150, arrived. Complete with 3-9x50 AGS scope, gun slip, a tin of Crossman Powapells and a tin of Air Arms Field Diablo pellets.
A 5 year old weapon, serviced two years ago, it looks like an 'old faithful'. Cited as one of the best rifles of its kind in existence it definitely displays all the hallmarks. Yes, it has expected signs of wear and tear, but it also appears solid, well built and well looked after.
A review I posted online a couple of days later;

"'Old Faithful'"

For what felt like forever, I ached, yearned, sighed for a decent air rifle. I'd done the cheapo spring circuit ending on a Hatsan mod55s .177. It was too loud, too cumbersome and

After many late nights reading forums and reviews and re-checking my bank balance I could've cried myself to sleep. Not enough money, too much choice.
Then I found an advert on for this Air Arms Tx200 .177 inc Scope and Gun slip and two tins of air arms field pellets for £150. I was ecstatic. I arranged for a courier to collect and paced until it came.
Soon the wait was over.
We were united.
My mistress and I have had wild romps in the countryside ever since. She truly is my 'old faithful'. Granted, she's a bigger girl than I'm used to, there is a good amount of weight up front, but thats fixed with an £8.99 mount less shotgun sling and nevertheless, as I learn her ways, we've stilled hearts and banged heads. She's straight forward to operate and in that simplicity lies her beauty. She's of the perfect weight for me, not unbearably heavy, but solid and accurate. I find myself buying her all sorts of presents and trinkets, always looking for a better this, a more expensive that. A lamp, a sling, a chronograph, an EXTRA padded gun slip, the best pellets... She'll bankrupt me I'm sure, but I'll only love her more.
After each hunting session, I lay her down and caress her with gun oil and tuck her away assured, that when she resurfaces she'll remain in her prime condition. I find myself thinking of her when we're apart and can't wait to hurry home and have my way with her.
If my wife knew of my feelings for her, I'm sure I'd feel what it is like to be on the business end. Is it wrong that that also excites me?!

Be warned!

Buy one at the risk of being besotted. After checking with Air Arms and being told the serial number showed she was born Jan 1995, that meant she is 16 years old!
These girls may be getting on a bit, but she's just how I like em and outperforms all others I've experienced. (I'll whisper that they do have younger models, the mkIII).
Overall the British heritage, breeding and workmanship shines through. If God graces you with one be prepared to part with more than just the asking price!

A legendary rifle."

Why, when I only recently purchased a Webley Raider 10 XS, would I buy this?
Firstly, calibre, I recognise the benefits of the flatter trajectory of .177 over .22, secondly, power plant. The Webley is a Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) requiring either a pump or scuba tank. Not an issue for shot count, but as with anything complex, it could be viewed as more likely to fail compared to the spring powered TX200.
Thirdly, prey. ".177 for feather, .22 for fur". I have first hand evidence and experience to support this saying. The pigeon that fell to the Webley was dispatched with a heart and lung shot, the larger pellet causing significant trauma to the delicate tissue. One answer is only to aim for head shots, but that is not always possible.
A rabbits head however, presents a larger target. The trade off being the bone density. Whilst .177 can also dispatch mammals humanely, it makes sense to choose the harder hitting .22 pellet to ensure a swift and clean kill. Part of me considered getting the TX200 serviced whilst I'm near a gunsmith who quoted £60. I may still do so. But to identify if there is a need, I have opted to also purchase a Combro MK4 chronograph. A wise choice anyway and a must for any serious airgun owner. Keeping tabs on the power output will help keep you out of trouble with the Policy Enforcement Officers. You would of course have to consent to release your rifle for testing...
I'm pretty certain as I am aware of how the mind/ego can construct necessary justification for the gratification of a particular urge.
The mind is another complicated mistress.

M Jones

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