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Lawyers and Blackberries - Monday 25/07/11

Two observations today. Blackberries and the administration of justice.
Saw, or rather more accurately, noticed, my first ripe blackberry of this year. Why haven't I noticed them sooner? Because I haven't left the house in quite a number of days.

My second observation was this. Courts, to my thinking, closely resemble churches. And I do not feel through accident. The courts I have entered or seen have seating for the 'congregation' (plaintiff and defendant plus company). A Pulpit (Stand) Altar (Bench) and Icon (Crest of HM Government). This is no surprise at all. The Queen is sworn to uphold the laws of God.
Here is my conclusion. What alternative is there to a 'judge'? My answer is your spiritual leader. Who else better to administer the laws of God after the Queen herself than he whose life is dedicated to their study.
I for one would feel far more comfortable with a priest presiding than a burnt out jaded lawyer, whose kind are reported in the papers to have ruled that the courts should be secular and there is no room for religion in law. A funny belief if the laws of the land are founded upon the laws of God!
My question is this. Let us suppose I cause harm/injury/loss and /or break one of the 10 commandments (laws of God). The injured party swears an affidavit of truth and I am arrested. Now, instead of choosing to be tried in the de facto government courts where a fair trial is impossible due to a blatant conflict of interest (the prosecutor is generally employed by the government, as is the judge!), I choose instead to be tried in a church... Without the governments corrupt touch, I would stand a greater chance of the impartiality of those presiding and the involvement of the community among whom I reside.
This, as I understand it, is how 'justice' was served for thousands of years.
In truth, I could demand the Queen herself pass judgment in much the same way King Solomon in the Bible did.
I never intend to test this theory... but would be happy to should the occasion present itself...

M Jones

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