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The Gladiatōrēs Of Today - Thursday 21/07/11

I lose count of the sleepless nights that have past. Night has merged into day whilst I distract my awareness and presence by watching a series called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. This excessively violent and sexually explicit story serves to remind me of some sad and regrettable truths. It appears to me, through this graphic representation, and others like it on the topic, that little today stands to differentiate our society and the lives of that of our Roman ancestors who existed over two millennia before us. Slavery in all its horrid forms. Violence, wanton and needless continues to be perpetuated in crime and entertainment. Sexual intercourse and the blessed union of love debased and lowered to depths of depravity in manners our empirical forefathers pioneered.

Many today, as then, exist as Gladiators. Enslaved by a master of their choosing, doing battle to a select crowd. Each combatant seeking favour from the mob. Encountering foe and ally, vanquishing or falling to each alike in the delusion that we have to in order to 'get ahead'. Little regard is paid to the sanctity of life. Human or otherwise. Instead it is measured, not in gold coin as then, but in debt and promissory notes. Society does this openly and without shame, publishing lists of beings and their 'worth'. I look upon the fiction, yet see the truth contained within it.
The remedy I perceive to that world, is the same as for this. Stop fighting. If all would cease and instead choose and worship life over death, that flawed and hellish 'civilisation' that was Rome and is ours today would fade forever.

I have refrained from saying 'all' lest I stand guilty of making sweeping and all encompassing statements that deceive. Not all are Gladiators. Not all are the mob. Not everyone is easily distracted by the games and spectacles laid on by those who would seek to tighten their grip and control over us.
There are humans alive today who cannot, will not be controlled. They are not beasts nor barbarian savages of Ceasar's day. But true gods. Beings of Light. Their love and kindness far more potent and affecting than any act of aggression  or violence. No agent of oppressive Government or senate can ever best them.
I worship such beings. They are my gods. I believe in them and shall forevermore.

M Jones

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