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Who Can Judge? - Wednesday 29/06/11

I arose around 11:00. Not long after, the days challenge and activity arrived with the post. Emma's debt collectors simply chose not to get the message and appear to be playing dumb (all credit to them). So to help them to understand. I researched the legislation they are governed by and found at least four they were in breach of
(Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, Section 4a of the Public Order Act 1986, Section 1 & 2 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988) taking this from being solely civil, into civil AND criminal legislation.
I told Emma to make copies of all the postal receipts (all letters were sent via Royal Mail Recorded) and correspondence and composed a letter to the Police. The result was an accusation supported by material evidence. A crown prosecutor couldn't ask for more.
Unfortunately, at the police station, the large grey (not just her hair) receptionist appeared to think herself judge, jury and executioner! She glanced through the paperwork and told me it was a civil matter and tried to pass it back to me. Unfortunately for her, I am not that easily deceived. I told her that despite her refusal to issue a receipt, I would entrust her to pass it on to the relevant person/department. I would inevitably receive a reply and thereby an acknowledgement would serve as well as a receipt. She refused to issue a receipt on the grounds she "didn't have one".
I strode out feeling victorious.
As I sat on a bench outside relating the details I have omitted here to Emma about my encounter, a young chap caught my eye and sat down beside me obviously wishing to engage in conversation.
He was most taken by my appearance, the steel toe cap boots and my agricultural looking trousers. He asked me to chaperon him through town to where he needed to go as he was "unwell". He appeared to be well physically so I asked what ailed him. He said it was down to mental health issues. I liked him instantly.
As we walked, he told me how his passion was hand made tools after I told him of my scything attempts. He described a knife he had had commissioned, but words weren't enough. He interrupted two women having coffee so he could draw his gurkha style blade. Not a care for etiquette or the ladies potential alarm regarding such a topic of discussion. I liked him even more.
As we left the coffee drinkers he shuddered and expressed his unease.
I asked what was the source of his discomfort. Was it the place? or the people? Both he replied. I said he could be forgiven as his feelings could be felt and understood by any man.
As I left him at his destination we shook hands. He apologised for not being sane. I replied in sincerity when I said "you appear to be one of the most sane people I've met in a long while". He smiled. The start of his 'insanity' had been the failing of a relationship. His parting words were "some seek help, others don't".

God bless you Will. I'll remember our encounter for a long time.

I then spent over £1000. £750 on a brand new Land Rover and £299.98 on a Netbook, case and 500gb hard drive. I didn't feel a thing. I knew I hadn't just splurged to gratify a conditioned false feeling or urge. These were items I believe we needed. A Netbook for its greater efficiency and practicality. The hard drive to retain all our photos and ensure the Netbook stays relatively clear and backed up. A brand new Land Rover. Well we currently seem to have a need for transportation. Infrequent compared to most. A rugged car that should last 50 years or so. Plus, it's a crucial part of my ambitious illustratory stunt...

M Jones

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