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Don't Be A Dumb Dog - Tuesday 28/06/11

I was invited to celebrate a friends birthday by going for a meal last night. I was picked up at 19:50, leaving Emma "uncomfortable" but with orders to ring if things progressed.
Our little group met in a pub and not long after ordering a pint of beer, I received a telephone call. It was Emma's mum asking me to return, with a very labour like sounding Emma in the background.
Frances took 52 hours to be born. I was not going to rush my pint.Just as well too. As soon as I returned, the 'labour' passed.

The car was collected yesterday and hoisted onto a truck. Thought it so cool I video'd it. £260 in cash. Nearly the exact amount required for a 'Royal' Berkey Water Filter.

Over the past few days, I have made some more 'realisations'. Thanks, in part, to watching Robert Menard's "Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception"
In this video Mr Menard talks about Registration - Application - Submission. My realisations stem mostly from the registration part. Do we fully appreciate exactly what registration is? What it entails and its ramifications.
Registration, historically, is said to have happened in ports and harbours. A ship would arrive and moor in its allotted place. The Captain/Owner would then register the ship with the Harbourmaster. When this happened, the Harbourmaster would in effect be granted partial title (ownership) and ultimately be responsible for the vessel and its cargo for the duration of its registration or stay. This of course would normally terminate, one would imagine, around the time of the ships departure.

Fast forward the clock to today where we unquestioningly register alot of important things namely our land, cars, and shockingly, our children. In the same way as the Captain of the ship did, we are signing over partial ownership and ordering another authority/entity to look after our possession/asset/property. We are effectively left with 'usury' title. The con, certainly with our vehicles, is that we become registered 'keepers' and liable for it! What!?
Now the DVLA have the responsibility of keeping track of said vehicles via its 'registration mark'. So ANPR systems could be deemed as fantastic in that respect.

With children, this means the government is assuming the responsibility YOU as parents signed over to it when they take them away for whatever reason. Of course, you shouldn't have registered that human being because no one person can 'own' another. Thats slavery. Yet you did... But thats a different issue.
It is therefore THEY not charities that have to stamp out child abuse because every case is a gross failing on their part. You think you are parents. Much like your car, you are just the "keeper" or more commonly known in this instance as 'Guardian'. Little more than foster carers, but paid significantly less. Child 'benefits' is your salary. The people paid them are evidently employed not "spongeing".

For your car, create a 'Certificate of Title' and have it notarised. Even if its financed. Nothing is 'owned' if it isn't claimed. Claim it. Then send an 'Order of Termination of Registration' to the DVLA. Job done. But do not on your title describe your car as a vehicle or motor vehicle. Call it whatever you want. Call it a 'car' and it does not require tax, insurance or registration. I personally would create two titles, one for the 'vehicle' with its DVLA plates to enable termination of that plate, then create a new plate that won't conflict with any issued by the DVLA and make the other title for my 'car'.

"On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone is zero" - Fight Club.

Sooner or later you can expect the old bill to ask questions. Do your research. Mine suggests acting like a dog. How many dogs do you know that "understand" the "law" and don't  poop in the street.
They are truly free. In the same way, inform the police you don't understand. (stand under) that law/what they are saying.
"Sorry policeman/servant, I don't understand what you mean by have to/tax/name. Define that.

The police may kidnap (unlawfully arrest) you. You then shut up completely and do not cave to threats. Watch/read theantiterrorist for advise on this.

Don't be a dumb free dog though, one that gives a conditioned response from a life time of pain, threats vs rewards and pleasure.
Be an intelligent, wild, free dog. Be a Wolf. And always remember your pack is strong. But you may have to run with dogs until they wake up and become like you.

Watched some more of Robert Menard, this time a video called The Magnificent Deception. I do disagree with some of what he says however, such as by saying we should conditionally accept things. No way. We can say NO and remain in honour. To do that we simply state the grounds upon which we base our refusal.
For instance, someone, out of the blue proposes marriage to you. Mr Menard seemingly recommends you say "Yes, but only if you provide me with a car, house, kids, and become/remain sexually alluring and always satisfy my needs and desires".
I advocate saying "No, unfortunately I don't have those kind of feelings for you/I am not ready yet/I don't know you/You smell funny".

Mr Menard and theantiterrorist both seem to think we have to convince the police that statutes don't apply to us as we do not consent to them and then supply a barrage of legalese.

I say "I'm not a citizen". By default those same 'laws' don't apply so there is no need to argue and no need to know them. You could say your parents were wise enough not to register your birth and thus raised you as a freeman-on-the-land/a denizen.

Law and statutes ARE worth knowing, essential in fact IF you engage in commerce. Which includes nearly every common everyday activity. A 'driver' is a 'person' engaging in commerce on the highway for profit, hence the need for a 'license' and tax.
You could simply be travelling.
Your passenger merely a guest.
You cannot, to my understanding, shelter behind 'freeman/denizen' status if you are employed to drive. But theantiterrorist covers this area extremely well in his book.
Going back to the citizen thing, it is true even if your legal entity (your legal name(which isn't you either)) is because you aren't. What is you? Your body? Nope. I believe you is that which animates your biological shell. Think about it...

M Jones

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