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Industrial Bargains - Tuesday 12/07/11

Despite sleeping long and well I am beginning the day feeling tired. Yesterday was spent with Emma and Baby. I left Frances with them and went off into town to buy some items. Forgot to buy cream called Kamillosan that Emma had requested. It was supposed to be a good natural product that soothed and prevented sore nipples of breastfeeding mothers. The hospital had provided Vaseline! Petroleum Jelly in the mouth of my newborn! I wouldn't put that into my body! Kamillosan proved to be a con. Purporting to be fluffy and natural, the FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY rang alarm bells. If it's not for adult internals, I'm not putting it in my fucking baby's!
Once I read a string of E numbers and paraffin wax, I would rather have destroyed it than put it back on the shelf. £5 for that poison. No wonder reviews I read said it put babies off feeding.
I was lucky to see the last of one product, HPA Lanolin, that was just the ticket. Made from Lanolin and 100% natural. Sure £10 for bugger all. But I'd rather buy £10 of a little goodness than £5 for industrial toxic waste.
Am i now one of those holier than thou 'alternatives'? May be. Do I care about that more than the wellbeing and health of my child? If the answer was any other than a resounding NO, I wouldn't be fit to call myself a father, nay, a man.

Two Of My Three Precious Ladies.

M Jones

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