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Fearful Diameters - Friday 08/07/11

Things are progressing slowly. Emma has been feeling an array of emotions. Fear, depression, impatience, discomfort and confusion. I enjoyed a discussion with her about these last night. Many, if not all of these can be traced around her pregnancy and the inevitable birth. I think she's in competition with the cat who's due to give birth to her litter in two weeks. I don't think that really ha ha.
But I am fascinated in how a person arrives at this state. I don't profess to be above such a condition but I do believe I understand and recognise it. I reminded her of the facts as I perceive them.
Our baby will be born.
We are all here presently through our own choices and actions and therefore can leave at any time.
Due to other factors, predominantly transport, it is inconsequential when the baby is born. We are here until August at least. This can be changed, our time decreased or extended, but right now, it is what we have decided and arranged.
Her fear pertains to the baby's potential growth and size, size and I understand that completely. I often fear the diameter and weight of what exits my body. The largest I have experienced would be a pregnant woman's fantasy.
I hope our dialogue helped dispel the false 'problems' her mind constructed. I hope she feels better. Reassured.

M Jones

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