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My Foraging Ground - Saturday 25/06/11

I wonder if my recent entries can be attributed to 'metal escapism'. I should think by now that it is clear that my current circumstances and environment, whilst of my choosing and creation, are not my ideal.

Today, Em, Fran and I walked into town so Emma could engage in some commerce.
I found it a little arduous as I still only sleep once I have reached exhaustion. I put this down to energy and disquiet. Internal and external.

Whilst in town I spoke to a chap in the market who sells foraged food. I was flattered he remembered me as I met him only once before and that ws this time last year. I felt very proud to inform him of, and demonstrate, the knowledge I have gained over the past year. Unfortunately I do now have a twinge of homesickness. I miss my foraging ground.

M Jones

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