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The Greatest Story Ever Sold- Wednesday 06/07/11

Fear he who proclaims to be 'religious' For he is controlled and he seeks others to control. He will judge, prosecute and persecute all those who shall not conform to his will.
Instead, seek and embrace those who value that which is truly valuable. Who love that which is truly good. Who see through and past the lies and deceit and delusions of those beings of little or lower consciousness.
Seek those who have no master, in this life or the next. Find them. Join them in body and spirit. For I believe that it is by doing this that ye shall find your salvation.

Behold, for he is risen. He is the light of the world, the saviour of mankind. In his light I bathe. It is he who gives life. Under his all seeing presence we break bread and give thanks. He is the one true god. His is the power and the glory forever and ever. Cast your unto the heavens and see his magnificence. In our human form, we cannot look directly at him, such is the strength of his light.
He is the Sun, the Sun of God.

Do the words above, that this hand and pen created, now define me as a something? Christian? Religious man? NO! I am a human being. When humans meet, we look for, and are amazed by, our similarities. It is amazing because it is not a similarity. It is the essence of me co-existing in you. We are not different. We are one. We consist physically of the same elements and compounds. We are the same. Any perceived or indoctrinated perception of difference is slight relative to the truth.

We are Suns of God. God, I feel, being the essence that is within and without us. We, and all living things, hold a divine spark. An internal fire. A slither of a wider consciousness that is beyond the comprehension of the comparatively primitive human brain. Or, more specifically, the mind.
The 'devil' is the ego. The false made 'self'. Get out of your mind. Enter and dwell in your heart, lest the devil consume you.
You'll know you are in the grip of the ego. You know you are in 'hell'. How? Because you know deep down that bills and taxes were not the purpose of your birth.

M Jones

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