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The Return Of The Old Man - Wednesday 20/07/11

Received an email from an old friend. Our paths separated after school. He matured much quicker than I and our peers. This, at the time, earned him the title of 'Old Man'. His failure later on to attend our numerous and repetitive rebellious drinking and mischief sessions was the grounds for this childish view.
With retrospect, I see now that he was above this behaviour. Not in an aloof way, rather, an enlightened one. I speculate that he did not have the same need to 'rebel' as I and my fellows.
I spent a brilliant afternoon with him realising we now appear to walk a remarkably similar path. I obviously needed to learn important personal life lessons before our paths rejoined. I believe this explains my lack of a sense of loss regarding his absence. This is important to me when I remember how close and good a friend he was.
Our common ground and bond has, I believe, been restored through this encounter. I count him now as I did then. As a brother. A true and dear friend.

Namaste Al.

M Jones

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