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Kiwi Suction - Sunday 10/07/11

At 04:02 this morning, after a long and painful labour, a little being was brought to this world through a Herculean effort on her mothers part (and probably hers too). This little life form weighed 7lbs and 8ozs and had to be literally dragged through the birth canal with the aid of a 'Kiwi suction cup'. She also managed to tie her umbilical chord around her neck, but she was fine.
I have sworn an oath of guardianship over this being though it may cost me my life. That same oath was sworn for her predecessor seven years ago. Through these two beings, I shall live on forever.
I wrote a card for Emma, it went like this -

"We love you Mummy,

We are all so very very proud of you. Everyone we know sends you endless blessings of love. You displayed incredible strength, bravery and trust. I feel that these stories are seemingly reserved for an illusory 'super breed' of elite human being, but you have proved the opposite to be true. The struggle you have triumphed over is an act worthy of the Gods themselves. Your trophy is a being. A being through whom you will be loved and live through forever. For the second time. Twice you have succeeded in nurturing and sustaining a being of beauty and love. If ever you doubt your true strength and power, remember this. I am eternally grateful that it is I you chose to honour and love you, our children, forever more.

We love you Mummy.

Daddy, Franny"

I also took the liberty of lifting some sensitive documents from the notes when they were given to us at Gloucester to take to Stroud. I hoped by lifting these documents that attested to the birth I could cut the Registry Office off at the source. I asked a midwife how it worked and she told me that Gloucester would have informed them. But I have the originals of the proof... This will enable us to obtain all the usual services gained through registration without registering. Doctors, Passport, Schooling (if needed) etc.

After leaving Emma at 19:00, Fran and I walked home. Fran, in her exhausted state quickly became very weepy and missed her mummy. Some snuggle with Nana and a Rupert Bear story, followed by a watch of Ice Age 3 and she was soon giggling her way to sleep.

What a day.

M Jones

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