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Hardcore Bargains - Sunday 27/02/11

Have given up on the boiler. All looked promising until a drip developed and increased in frequency at an alarming rate. So far just having cold running water is luxury enough. My proposed alternative water heating project is on hold due to lack of funds. Costed the entire job and it came to £72 odd. That total was a combination of eBays cheapest and ScrewFixs. Hardcore bargain hunting. Still, £72 is £72 more than I can afford. I could buy the parts solely off eBay in dribs and drabs, but of course it would cost more overall.
I could save, however life finds a way of presenting other expenses of seemingly more importance.
The weather has been poor but forecasted to improve. Will be refreshing to return to the numerous outdoor projects requiring my attention.

The Hub, steadily progressing.

Life emerging all around us.

Garlic - The first of our seedlings poking through.

M Jones

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