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A Voyage With Cap'n Van Winkle - Tuesday 15/02/11

Up early Sunday morning to catch the low tide at Poppit Sands

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Foraging for Razor Clams - Pinch of salt, wait a few seconds, then grab the fleshy muscle as it pops up. All straight forward in theory, but got very complicated when we arrived...there weren't any.
Limpets and winkles it was. Oh, and a half dead baby octopus. Was fully dead when I placed him back in the water. His limp legs flailing and tangling in slow motion as the waves rocked his soft carcass along the ridged sand.
Stopped at an indoor car boot sale, was jammed full of the usual unloved detritus that clogs most peoples cupboard and loft space. Picked up an old set of Prinz 10x50 binoculars for £6, plus a 3 prong candle stick holder for Emma. Was hoping to find some bellows and a hand grinder/mill. I swear I've seen one or the other at every previous boot sale, but not todays...
Some top up shopping then back home to cook up a limpet and winkle stew. Limpets are rather rubbery when cooked and taste similar to kidney. Sadly, not a taste I like. Frances ate three but once she got one with a bit of grit/sand in it she gave up on the rest. Very please she tried them though.

Brewed up a Rice and Raisin wine I've named Cap'n Van Winkles Rice n Raisin Rum. Partly in honour of the day, but also to piss off nick whose friends think his new beard make him look like a fisherman.

The days catch.

Some sharks eggs aka Mermaids Purses.

The Legendary Cap'n Van Winkle Hisself...

Patience Kitty, It will ferment...

Monday - A long, hard productive day. Whilst dodging showers, some rain, some hail and some snow Kit and I managed to complete two sides of the building. Both the inside and the outside course. Working so low down really takes its toll on your back, but an hour of football and a shower soon cured that.

Today's meeting was very interesting indeed. Lots of emotion, background stories and underlying issues coming to the fore. I would invite all volunteers, visitors and shareholders to attend one of these meetings to really understand the challenges a settlement such as this faces.
I enjoyed being asked questions about my stay, how I view my role and presence. I especially enjoyed answering too! I often feel I talk, but am rarely listened to, probably because I'm just a volunteer. Some are more guilty than others in the same way some are more 'equal' than others. A sad reflection on this so called community comes with the next two scheduled days of consensus training. Despite being arranged months in advance and for the benefit of all residents, only four plots look set to attend. The others too busy with other things such as children's dentist appointments. Yet another sad day for Lammas and Tir-Y-Gafel.

M Jones

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