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The Van Arriveth - Monday 04/04/11

I cannot resist being amused by the contrast and transformation highlighted by the scenario I presently find myself.
I am seated at our table with my back to the kitchen. In front of me are books and beyond these sit Frances' friend Mirelle, Frances, and Emma. Apart from Emma, who appears to never cease knitting, we all have our heads buried in literature. The silence is punctuated only by Mirelles sniffing. She has a roll of toilet tissue in front of her, but seems content as she is.
The contrast and transformation of which I refer to can be explained thus;
'Normally when a van arrives near to where you dwell, the sky is blue and the Sun is shining. The vans arrival is hailed by loud unmistakable music. There is a rush, physical and emotional. Once you reach this van you might spend time deliberating your choice as you browse what is on offer, or you may already have a clear idea of what you desire.
Eventually, you return to your dwelling, the van departs, and one is hopefully left feeling very pleased with what has just occurred.
For most, this van is an Ice Cream van. For us, this van is a Library van. Make no mistake, as soon as it departs and I have consumed what it delivered, I too am left eagerly anticipating its return...
This time, rather than just stick to one flavour, I have gone for a few different tastes.  21st-Century Smallholder - Paul Waddington, The Medicine Tree - John Sharkey, Wales of the Unexpected - Richard Holland, and Men and the Fields - Adrian Bell.

Our little book club.

Continued my run of pearls of wisdom before going to sleep last night. My mind wandered between the teachings of Standing Under Freedom and the warnings of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Inevitably the question arose in my mind "What, if anything, can I do?""Is it too late?""What if it is too late?"...
It was then fates wicked sense of humour was revealed to me. The ultimate irony that she does love so dearly...
So what if it is too late.
So what if we end up in an Orwellian society.
We can and most likely will use up all the oil on this planet. It might be the cause or contributing factor in the decline and eventual extinction of the Human species. Then what? And here's the punchline...

We will be turned into oil.

M Jones

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