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A Childs Dream - Wednesday 20/04/11

We are enjoying an extraordinary run of glorious weather. Spent yesterday with Jude, Emma and a volunteer called Andy. We tried to erect a yurt. This yurt demanded we listen to it and would not yield to any command in the same fashion of an unbroken horse. We started at 14:00. By 18:15 I was too tired to carry on.

Nick jumped out on us from his caravan to pass on the news. Kits son has been born by caesarean section and is healthy and well. Well done Saara!

Throughout the colder months we talked of the need to get some bikes and get out cycling. Only today did I realise I had that opportunity thanks to a bicycle kit said we could use. So I went pedalling. Went pedalling nowhere particular with no timetable and it was fantastic. I covered a fair distance in the end and at different points experienced profound joy. Happiness so strong at times I laughed. I also saw things I couldn't have seen whilst driving. We travel too fast and thus it demands much concentration. I saw awe inspiring and beautiful details in the landscape, the hedgerows, the fields and even the roads themselves. I don't know why but there appears to be an awful lot of gloves littering these country lanes...
When my journey ended, my body felt no form of exertion. I could have been asleep for two hours. I was reminded of the energetic days of my childhood, when running or cycling meant nothing to my muscles. If anything I felt energised after exercise.
I am a child. A child who slept and dreamed a dream of what it could be like to be a boring adult.
This child is waking up.
This child vows to never be lulled to sleep like that again.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Already Going To Flower.

What's The Time Mr Wolf?

M Jones

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