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Neurotic Wiring - Wednesday 18/05/11

The past few days have been a whirlwind of research adventure. It began with Elenin aka Niburu, or Planet X and culminated in a tour of 2012 predictions, pole shift theories, recent increased earthquake activity, planetary alignment, sea level rise, UFO's and ominous threats from Russia...

Now I have never been one to seriously buy in to conspiracy theories but the discovery that from this summer there are not one, but eight celestial bodies projected to pass Earth dangerously close has me wondering as to what to think.


Ultimately, these are distractions. I am wishing to be prepared but not to worry about that which is beyond any spectrum of my control.
I have asked those around me to tolerate any of my preparations along the following lines.
Throughout our lives we have had various warnings pertaining to future cataclysms. I would feel pretty stupid if I did nothing, and strange happenings were to occur. Therefore I am happy to be treated like a weirdo and hopefully be laughed at a year or two from now.

Aside from my neurosis, all is ticking along as before, the date of our departure is approaching quietly and not much thought has gone into logistics or planning.
On our last day out, I noticed the left indicator was flashing rapidly. This is normally a sign a bulb has blown. So I bought a replacement. Transpires it's not the bulb... a relay? Possibly. Dodgy wiring? My checks have turned up no suspect parts. Corroded contacts in the stalk? Possible but I am rather reticent about delving into sensitive controls so close to our departure.
The kicker is I can't really outsource the problem due to cost of labour and insurance. Another MOT fail to add to the large crack in the windscreen...
Infernal Machine.

M Jones

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