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The Most Important of Gifts - Thursday 05/05/11

Yesterday I made some new friends. Zhenia, Xavier, Cai, Abbey and Mark, who stayed with Simon and Jasmine during their time at Lammas. A fact finding mission I believe, but each with their own curiosity.
From what I could gleen, Mark was most interested in how Lammas came into being and observe it in action as, like many others who visit, he wishes to found another intentional community. The difference with Mark however is, I believe he will actually do it. You can tell who is a do'er and who is a wishy washy dreamer.. (like me?)
Xavier has visited before at various stages of development and is an avid admirer of Simon's buildings and philosophies. I see great similarities between these two men. Both are very connected to the design and graphics industry, both are admirers and see beauty in their environment. This is betrayed by a shared love of photography. I feel it is this that drives such men to work with, and endeavour to conserve nature and the world around them. Both men are also wonderful to talk to, unassuming and genuine. I appear to reside in a distillery for rare and precious human qualities!
I think Cai and Abbey had a very broad and general interest in the whole project. To say they were just in it for the ride I feel would be inaccurate.
Zhenia, it transpires hails from Stroud! He told me he was employed in the research and development of vertical axis wind turbines, so I guess his was an environmental interest. Will hopefully see him again and catch up with him when we return to Stroud.

All this I learned through working and relaxing with these guys over two days. Mark was easy to connect with, this was down to both his open and friendly personality, as well as my having read his book The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living. This gave us common ground and enabled us to talk at length whilst digging pits for fence posts. His companions were equally as open and likeable and I hope to work with them all again in the future.

The morning of their departure, they brought and left us with the most important of gifts. No, not a copy of Marks book (although it is an important read) but rain. Much needed and strangely missed. Some would say Wales isn't Wales without it!

So thanks guys!

Thank you for your stories.
Thank you for your labour.
Thank you for bringing life back to the soil.
And thank you for restoring a countries identity.

Simon's Recently Completed Solar Water Heater.

M Jones

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