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Proud Mr Fox - Saturday 30/04/11

The floodgates are wide open. The unstoppable force of life is overflowing all around. It started in the hedgerows and trees, and yesterday welcomed more amongst the birds and animals. A volunteers cat gave birth to a litter of healthy kittens, and six goslings emerged from their island on the millpond. Of course there has to be a balance. There is old age, natural selection and Lady Luck to contend with. My air rifle and I are near bottom of the list of threats. There are far more efficient and prolific hunters than I abroad.
This evening, whilst camouflaged under the dense foliage of a hawthorn bush waiting for a rabbit I'd seen the previous night to appear, not one, but two wood pigeons landed in the tree above. Unable to thread a pellet through the twigs and branches, I eased my way way out until I had a clear view of a feathery backside. Completely undetected, I winced as lifted the bolt and slid it forward. Click. They fixed their gaze upon me in an instant and froze.
Committed now, I completed the action. Clunk. They buggered off.
The moral of the story? Once in position, make ready your weapon, that is, put a round in the chamber. Cheers pigeons for that lesson.
An hour later the light was fading fast, my arse was numb and I dared not allow blood back to my lower leg for fear of the crippling revenge my body would take.
It was then I heard movement. Behind me. As I turned my head, it stopped in its tracks barely five feet away. A very happy and healthy looking fox. In his jaws the very thing I was after. A rabbit. You cunning git. He was stunned. Almost a "why the hell are you hiding under there?" expression on his face. A retreat to a safe distance the a "you'll never catch rabbits doing that" look.
You deserve to be proud Mr Fox.
So the cycle is completed. More life, more death. I'm very grateful I'm top of the food chain around here.

Prior to my evening hunt, I spent a solid day scything a spiral in Kits field. Hard but extremely rewarding and therapeutic work. Helped me get the knack for it that's for sure.

Geese And Goslings.

A BBQ Hosted By The Hub Volunteers. A Community Within A Community.

M Jones

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