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And In The Darkness Bind Them - Sunday 22/05/11

The considerations of how to satisfy the laws that 'allow' our car to be on the road for another year present a puzzle. With the added factors surrounding our imminent return to Stroud, I needed a walk. Walking the way I did via the same route as nearly a week prior gave me valuable thinking time. It also increased my chances of running into the landowner who disputes access along the drovers path.
I videoed a conversation between myself and a chap who claimed to own land close by. This individual eventually conceded and told me I was free to continue over the land in question provided I shut the gate and "didn't tell anyone". Well I told people. I showed the video to Paul W as this man said he would be contacting him, so I wanted Paul to be furnished with the facts.

After viewing the recording Paul told me that that man was not in fact the owner of the land over which the path runs.
This was most interesting.
This person therefore had neither the power to stop me, nor grant permission for me to proceed. It definitely pays to never make assumptions, never reveal your identity and never grant power over you to another being. I strongly recommend everyone read Standing Under Freedom By TheAntiTerrorist and apply the "am I obliged to answer that question" procedure.

During my thinking time I amused myself greatly by drawing an analogy between money and the 'Ring Of Power' from J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
This jumped out at me when I experienced that heart stopping moment of forgetting which pocket my money was in. Just like Frodo and Gollum, I felt the need to know where "my precious" was and touch it for reassurance.
We are all Gollums when it comes to money. The Ring Of Power (the circular pound coin) uses us, drains us and ultimately will destroy us as it seeks to return to it master(s). We are all increasingly being gazed upon by 'the all seeing eye'. The corporations and banks can be viewed much like wizards who act on behalf of the "Dark Lord Sauron". Google is in fact the 'eye of Sauron', it looks both ways. Records what you do and before long knows your deepest darkest secrets, even your thoughts.
As the One contains the Many, and the Many contain the One, the ring of power is also seen in the cycle of money. From its creation to its ultimate return back to the banks and its creator.

"One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
and in the Darkness bind them" 
- J.R.R Tolkien

Gandalf The White and Gandalf The Grey.
M Jones

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